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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Red and Pink Products At Kids Foot Locker This Valentine’s Day Giveaway"

What girl doesn’t love pink apparel, shoes, and other items to sport. Most boys I know love red. What a perfect time to wear pink and red than Valentine’s Day. Kid’s Foot Locker has perfect gift ideas for kids this year to show our love this Valentine’s Day. They have the products we as parents love with the colors our kids love. Many great gift ideas, and something different than small heart boxes of chocolate, a soft plush animal, or the homemade goodies we bake.

There are many milestone firsts we experience in our youth – first tooth, first steps, first words – but possibly the most important, the one that we can actually remember, is our first love. Parents never forget a child’s first love either. First loves hold a special place in our hearts and Valentine’s Day is THE day to make a lasting impression on that special person.

Kids Foot Locker is offering a variety of red and pink products your little tykes will love wearing, and you’ll love seeing them in…awww

■For your little fashionista who enjoys celebrating simply by wearing red or pink, the “I love every little thing about you” and “cutie pie” T-shirts are a great way your little one can wear her heart on her sleeve and not just on the holiday, this is a great piece to add to a spring wardrobe.

■The Nike Air Max ‘95 is just the right fit for the child that may be a little too shy to approach his/her secret crush. It’ll be you and your child’s little secret that he/she’s wearing them out of love, and not just because they look good.

■If he’s playing for her attention, your little guy that loves basketball can show off his moves in the new Jordan 6-17-23. These shoes have hints of red for a subtle Valentine’s Day touch.

■Baby may be too young to have a first crush, but for the littlest ones, you are their whole world. Too young for chocolates, but not too young for a little flash, Kids Foot Locker booties for infants add fun prints to any outfit.

■For the older ones, a first watch from Kids Foot Locker is a great option for Valentine’s Day that will keep them on time and in style.

Be sure to visit Kids Foot Locker to check out all the great items for your kids this Valentine’s Day!

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