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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Do you have a broken ipod? Cracked screen? Need it repaired?

My son cracked his ipod screen awhile back and I just could not afford to go buy another one for him. I went on craigslist, looking for someone to fix it cheap. That was a mistake. After finding two different people, I had problems with them either not calling me back or never showed up. Well, I proceed to search to find a way to get this ipod fixed on the internet. A friend of my sons, mother fixed his by using directions from Youtube. Another mistake! I watched the videos on how to repair your ipod at home so I got on ebay and ordered the screen. They shipped me the wrong size and I had to order another one. When I recieved the second one, I didn't have the tools to take out the screen so I had to order them as well. This was a three week process. I recieved the correct screen and got back on Youtube and proceeded to repair the ipod. IT IS NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS! I broke the LCD screen taking the cracked screen out. Ok, I wanted to just sit down and cry at this point. Now, I have already spent money on two screens, shipping and now a new LCD screen that I ordered from Ebay. When I recieved it, I got back on Youtube, attempting to repair this too, and seen an ad for
Shipped perfectly repaired, works great! Thanks Rodney!

About iCracked Inc.
iCracked replaces broken screens and repairs water damage for all iPhone models (3G, 3GS and iPhone 4). Our manufacturers supply our replacement screens and their quality is guaranteed (view customer feedback). All repair services are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and 6 month warranty.

iCracked Inc. is run by young entrepreneurs, primarily serving tech savvy individuals on a budget. iTechnicians are predominantly located on college campuses and in major urban areas nationwide (search for a local iTechnician). With plans to expand to every College campus nationwide, iCracked is always looking for entrepreneurial minded individuals.

Repair Options:

1.) Visit a Local iTechnician - find iCracked Certified, local iTechnician and schedule an appointment TODAY.

2.) Repair by Mail - send iCracked Central your broken iPhone (3-5 day turnaround, pre-paid FedEx shipping labels , and other Mail in Services including the option of having a interim Go-Phone sent to you)
3.) Do-it-yourself - iCracked will Send you a complete, all-inclusive repair kit with links to detailed instructions on the replacement processes which contain our unique methods for superior repairs. With our proven methods we believe YOU can repair your broken hardware.

iCracked is an awesome website with very knowledgable technians. I put in my city and zip code and they gave me the closest tech in my area. The tech lived about two hours away in another state. Now I don't know about you, but I am very leary, sending my things to someone that I don't know in hopes I will get it back. I was at the point that I really had to take that risk. I called the tech named Rodney Hood and he assured me that he would take care of my problem and would try his best to repair it and send it back quickly. He was so nice and I spoke to him many times. I shipped it to him one day and he recieved it two days later. He repaired it the same day and shipped it back. The most awsome thing about this technician is that he texted me after every process and let me know it was in the mail. I am one with many questions and he made me feel so at ease. I love iCracked and will refer them to all my friends. I personally do not have the skills or steady hands to fix small technical things such as this. It just looks so easy on the videos. Some of you may fix your own and can order the kit from iCracked. Good luck!
My Tecnician:  Rodney Hood
                          Mt. Washington, Kentucky
                          (502) 299-9757

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